Friday, September 7, 2012

TechEd 2012 - Hack-Ed: Mobile Security

Andy Prow and Kirk Jackson presented at Microsoft TechEd NZ. The third talk was titled: Hack-Ed - Mobile Security
With millions of devices with more features, and more apps with more functions, and more users with more needs, and more developers with more ideas, and more tools with more power, and more hackers with more to gain... we need to make sure we get mobile app security nailed! Come along and see what security is being provided for you, and what things you need to take care of!
Download the PDF: 2012-SIA302-MobileSecurity-AndyProw-KirkJackson.pdf (20.6mb)

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  1. I found this nice writeup of Secure Mobile Development Best Practices on the viaForensics site. It looks worth a read:



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