Saturday, September 15, 2012

in2securITy - Secure Software Development

in2securITy is a non-profit educational group run by security folk in NZ, with the aim of helping those new to the security profession get enthusiastic and gain the skills to find a job.

Kirk spoke at the Wellington leg of the in2securITy national tour on the topic of Secure Software Development.

This was a 30 minute talk discussing the typical software development lifecycle, and different security tasks and discussions that could fit in along the way. He also advocated the role of "Security Champion" within project teams, and encouraged folks to speak up when they security issues in the making.

Download the slides here: 2012-09-08-in2securITy.pdf (5mb)

The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle is a well regarded process used by large companies such as Microsoft and Adobe to add security into their software product lifecyle.

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