Friday, August 31, 2012

OWASP NZ - Down to the Wire

Presented by Mark Haworth and Kirk Jackson at the OWASP NZ Day 2012, on 31 August 2012.
You've built the flashiest web app your cow-orkers have ever seen. Your boss loves you, and nominates you for a promotion next financial year. You've leveraged the latest hip web framework, and have jaxed your ajax to the max. But have you done everything you can to make your application secure? Are you perhaps, in fact, doing a little _too much_? A common issue we've come across in the past few years is applications that share too much information over the wire, or trust too much of what they receive. In this talk we'll look at some common pitfalls and techniques to counter them in modern web applications. Let's go down to the wire.
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