Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ignite 2015 - Hack-Ed: The Internet of Hackable Things

At Microsoft Ignite 2015 (formerly TechEd NZ), Kirk and Felix gave a talk titled "The Internet of Hackable Things".

This talk discussed the proliferation of devices that now connect to the internet, security mistakes seen in the industry and in our own research, and gave some advice on how to build more secure IoT devices.
Internet connected devices are all around us, listening to us sleep and watching our movements in our home. Windows 10 will even allow us to build better and smarter IoT applications on small platforms such as the Raspberry Pi 2. As we build applications on a new platform, we're experiencing new security issues. Come along to our talk to discuss the mistakes of the past, some tips for the future, and watch us "Hack all the things!!"
The video recording of the talk is available on Channel 9:

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